We drive Sutainable Event Management !                                            

But what’s it all about ?

Sustainable event management is the process of integrating environmental and social responsibility issues into event planning.

Sustainable event management requires that we consider the needs and values of different stakeholders that are impacted by our event. On the one hand, we take steps to reduce significant negative impacts, or harm, such as solid waste. While on the other hand we also seek out opportunities for events to leave positive legacies that benefit communities.

We prefer ACTIONS than words !

What we do concretely to drive SEM (Sustainable Event Management) ?

RENEWI is our environmental partner

They are responsible for sorting, treatment and recycling of waste since a couple of years. Renewi is now able to recycle almost 90% of collected waste due to innovations and technical evolutions.

We are partners and work with “Reforest Action

Their action allow partners and companies to act for mankind and the environment by planting trees and measure their positive impact. Simply Better Events (linked to La Terrasse O2) has planted more than 6000 trees in Haïti. Our partners weight almost 6% in their global actions as together with all the other members we are responsible for the re-plantation of more than 100.000 trees per year in France, Senegal, Haïti, Peru, Equador and Guatemala. With them we act for climat, have an impact on biodiversity, help life conditions for population in difficulty, for us and for the future generations.

We are part of the “” community.

This online platform helps companies of the event sector on 4 base pillars : responsability on all levels (producer, provider, transporter, editor,…), sustainability of furniture and products, ECO-conception and environmental protection of all sites They help us to constantly optimise our events to be more and more efficient on an environmental base:

Seasonal products choice – Waste management of all consumption products – Choice of providers – Storage and transport – Re-usable materials from one event to another

Waste destruction and sortage – Consumables transformation About TRANSPORT : – Cooperative organsiation to centralise delivery from producers – Co-transportation – Favorise soft mobility : bike,…

Internally we take measures to amplify all these efforts like :

Use of ECOSIA by all members of the company as an eco-friendly search engine giving 80% of their benefits to reforestation

We invite both the members of our team, as our partners and clients NOT TO PRINT materials if it’s not needed by systematically warning on this in our e-mails We have adopted the « CONSTANT BETA » company profile for environment, meaning that we are in permanent evolution and change regarding the way we work internally and with partners to be sure that we have the most optimised behavior regarding waste, environment and sustainability.